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Digital X-Rays

If you’re uneasy about x-rays, the following information may put you at ease: X-ray machines focus carefully on one exact location. Protective coverings containing lead prevent other areas of your body from being affected. Exposure time is very short due to high speed film and precise timers. Equipment used in performing x-rays is regularly checked to ensure its safety of use. X-ray technicians are experts who receive special training in their field. The knowledge gained from x-rays can be invaluable to your health. We are always subjected to some amount of radiation that comes from the atmosphere and from Earth’s radioactive substances. The amount of radiation you receive during x-rays is much less than the amount determined to be hazardous. Talk to a team member today if you still have concerns.
Dr. Goldstein utilizes digital dental x-rays. The digital dental x-rays system is more sensitive than dental x-ray film systems, so your exposure to x-rays is cut by as much as 90 percent!


Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) is based on simple principles of motion and friction. When smooth surfaces rub together, little friction is created...and little vibration. Human joints have surfaces that rub together in function. Smooth, well lubricated surfaces in a proper biomechanical relationship produce little friction and little vibration. But surface changes that occur in joint deterioration and dysfunction generally produce friction and vibration. Different disorders can produce different vibration patterns or “signatures”. P.C.-assisted vibration analysis helps identify these patterns and helps us to distinguish between various T.M. disorders.


A Jaw Tracker (JT) is a device that enables us to measure the movement of a jaw in
3 dimensions. By tracking and measuring the speed, range of motion, and deviations
of the jaw as it opens and closes, we are assisted in determining the type and
primary site of the problem affecting the jaw.


Balancing a patient’s bite is crucial to finalizing the treatment of Temporo
Mandibular Joint Dysfunction. T-Scan is a reliable clinical diagnostic device that
senses and analyzes occlusal (bite) forces using paper thin, disposable sensors.
The software graphically displays both force and time premature contacts to the
dentist for predictable, precise occlusal control during adjustments procedures.

Cold Laser

In the treatment of pain and damaged tissue, such as in TMD, we
need a device that is able to assist in healing and pain reduction.
A “cold” laser has a pulsed beam that does not build up heat,
such as in a surgical laser, but penetrates the tissue to stimulate
cells to speed up the healing process and decrease pain.

The cold laser is used to reduce existing sensitivity in teeth
and to expedite healing of surgical sites in the mouth.

Intra-Oral Camera

This small video camera allows us to photograph any areas of concern in your mouth -
both periodontal and restorative. By seeing and understanding what we see,
you are better able to make informed decisions about your treatment.


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