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Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning means the professional cleaning you can only receive
from a dentist or dental hygienist. A dental cleaning includes scaling, polishing
and fluoride treatment. These three important steps are outlined in detail below.


This is the removal of plaque and tartar from all tooth surfaces with different types of scaling being used in relation to the amount of plaque and tartar. With larger deposits that have hardened on, it can take some time to remove these, just like trying to remove baked-on grime on a stove that has been left over a long time. The amount of times you will need to return to your dentist depends on how widespread your case of periodontitis or gum disease is. Localized cases can be treated in a single scaling session. Cases spread throughout the mouth however are often treated one quarter of the mouth at a time. Such cases then require four visits to your dentist.


Our hygiene program offers a comprehensive range of services based on your individual needs. Your hygienist, will remove calculus and surface stains, examine teeth for decay and evaluate periodontal tissue for disease. We will also review and update your medical history and provide home-care instructions. Remember, your hygiene appointment is not just a “cleaning”.

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